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About Us.



  Our Story began ten years ago when we took over a little convenience store in a small town of Rocky Hill. I fell in love with neighbors instantly. People in Rocky Hill are very kind and friendly. While the general store wasn’t my idea to run this business, I always looked at the potential of this spot where people can hang out in the morning and lunch. First thing I knew, we need up our game with coffee. I believe it would bring more people and make them talk to other people. That’s why I started roasting our coffee beans to make sure we have consistently fresh coffee. Eventually, it turns to the whole other company RocKaffe.

  Later in 2014, we remodeled our store to satisfy the requirements of the food serving business. And that’s when we introduce food, which became a popular and successful idea. We partner with the leading company in this industry Boars Head. Over the next few years, we became recognized not only for the best coffee near Princeton Area but also for a place where you can grab a delicious sandwich. At this point, I knew we are missing one part of the morning coffee gather. After many people requests breakfast was our next logical move. And around 2017, the grill has been installed. We introduce three variety of sandwiches for breakfast. And over time, we expand it. Business has never been the same since. We were recognized as a grab and go cafe where you can get Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, a variety of coffee from all around the world. Grab a hot breakfast sandwich or stop by for lunch for a delicious sandwich made with deli products from Boars Head.

Our Core Values

  We strongly believe if we want to succeed in this competitive environment, we have to provide excellent customer service and make sure we serve the best quality product on the market. We always make sure freshness is our priority.